The Ultimate Guide to Claiming Unpaid Wages

If you have been terminated by your employer and they have not been paid you fully or if you are still under the employment and are not receiving the wages, then you need to take necessary steps to recover them. Every minute and every effort you put in for the organization has to be accounted for and it’s your right to claim what is due. You should never let it go and let the organization takes you for granted. You have the right to fight for what’s yours.  Below mentioned are ways one need to adopt to claim the unpaid wages.

Contact the employer- The first step you should do is to approach the employer. It would be ideal if you could contact them through writing or email as it could be used as evidence that you approached the employer for the pay which they owe you.  And also it is best if you mention a time frame within which you are expecting a response from them.  Most of the employers would pay their employees as soon as they receive the mail as they don’t want to get involved in a lawsuit.

Seek advice- If the organization does not pay the wages even after receiving the mail then you should seek advice from the trade union. The trade unions or the concerned local authority will be ready to help you in approaching the employer on your behalf.

Take your claim to the employment tribunal- You could seek a legal opinion from a trusted source to help you in this aspect as many people will be unaware of the procedure one should follow to approach the tribunal. There are various lawyers and law firms available to help you. You could check out the websites like https://recovermywages.com/overtime-california/ to understand the employee privileges and law relating to the same.