It’s not the news that’s fake

When rumors arose about Trump campaign communications with senior Russian officials, Trump said it was fake news, but the intelligence community has confirmed through phone records and intercepts that the conversations did, in fact, take place.

When reports surfaced claiming that General Flynn called a Russian Ambassador and urged the Kremlin not to overreact when Obama issued sanctions for Russia’s interference in our election, Trump said it was fake news, but then the intelligence community proved that the conversation did take place.

When the New York Times ran an article claiming that the Trump administration was having trouble finding the light switches in the White House, Trump said it was fake news, but many of his senior advisers were quoted in the article.

It seems that what comes out of Trump’s mouth is fake… not the news.

Then Trump said that the media “wasn’t his enemy, it was the enemy of the American people,” and with that comment he joined Putin, Milosevic, and Hitler as leaders who tried to delegitimize the press because the press had the audacity to publish reports that contradicted their lies.

In trying to delegitimize the free press for trying to do its job, it is Trump that becomes the enemy of the American people.

Anyone that would try to defend their lies by hurling accusations of corruption at the press is not fit to be president of the United States. It is time for Democrats to stand up, stand together and bring this abomination to an end before Trump destroys the reputation of our nation and the presidency.

To do this, we need more Democrats in Washington.

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