Gun Rights

Many factors determine where you stand on an issue. My first question with any issue is what does the constitution have say.

In the case of guns, the second amendment is clear, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

I believe in the Second Amendment, but that does not mean we should have unabridged access to guns.

I think that most Americans would agree that government has the right to prevent criminals from purchasing guns, and the majority of Americans agree that we have the right to keep terrorists from purchasing guns.

A strict interpretation of this amendment would prevent the government from lawfully passing any legislation or issuing any executive order limiting the rights of legal  gun owners (those who are not criminals or terrorists). I support this interpretation of our constitution and I will always vote to support private gun ownership.

Furthermore, it does not make sense for us to violate these rights of gun owners when it will only create an illegal market for existing guns and accessories. A legal market for firearms is far superior to an illegal one.

“The right to self-protection is supreme. Taking guns from law-abiding citizens benefits criminals and jeopardizes that right.” ~Ron Crumpton