Crumpton Announces 9-point Plan for the Economy

Education 16x9A healthy economy is a primary concern for all Americans, it impacts almost every facet of our day to day lives and it is the obligation of our elected leaders to champion economic policy that will benefit all and not a limited few.

However, that has not been the case over the last 35 years.

Over that time the U.S. has operated on the concept of trickle-down economics. The theory that when you give tax-breaks to corporations and the rich, those funds will trickle down through the economy in the form of more and better paying jobs. The problem is that corporations are in the business of doing what is best for the corporation, which is what businesses should do, but it is also the reason why we should not trust that they will do what is best for someone else… It’s not their job.

As a percentage of the GDP, corporate profits are the highest they have been in the last 86 years, and worker pay is the lowest it has been in the last 66 years.

Since the beginning of the Reagan administration, CEO pay, adjusted for inflation, has went up 937%, but worker pay has only increased 10.2% during that time.

Our elected leaders should focus their efforts on what is best for the economy as a whole and not what is best for business because, very often, they are at odds with one another.

This introduction is part 1 of an 11-part series on my 9-point plan for the economy. The next nine parts in the series will each focus on one of the following issues:


  1. Invest in education: Repair/replace dilapidated buildings and provide teachers with the technology and supplies they need to teach our children.
  2. Raise the minimum wage: Reduce government dependence by insuring fair pay.
  3. Reschedule marijuana: Remove marijuana from schedule I and allow states to regulate.
  4. Equal Pay: Equal pay for everyone period.
  5. Invest in Infrastructure: Repair, replace and expand roads, bridges and airports.
  6. Break up the big banks: End too big to fail.
  7. End tax breaks to companies for sending jobs overseas and give them to companies that bring American jobs back home.
  8. Make college more affordable: Increase grant amounts and access to grants
  9. Entitlement Reform: Rebuild America’s social safety net.


In the eleventh and final part of the series, I will be taking a look at the things that we can do to help pay for these changes.

If we take the steps I suggest it will pay off in more ways than one because not only will it create a larger and more stable economy, it will do so by strengthening our nation as a whole by improving education and infrastructure, while reducing poverty and injustice.

We can do this. The reason that it has not been done in the past is that to do so would not be in the best interest of those who fund political campaigns, therefore not in the best interest of the typical politician.

Eleven part series on my 9-point economic plan: 

Part 1: Crumpton Announces 9-point Plan for the Economy

Part 2: Invest in Education                  (Picked up by the Alabama Political Reporter) 

Part 3: Raise the Minimum Wage       (Picked up by

Part 4: Reschedule Marijuana

Part 5: Equal Pay

Part 6: Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure

Part 7: Breakup the Big Banks

Part 8: Ending Tax-Breaks for Sending Jobs Overseas

Part 9: Make College More Affordable

Part 10: Rebuild America’s Social Safety Net


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