Crumpton Announces 11-Point Plan for Social Justice

blind-lady-justiceIn 1789, our forefathers created a governing document called the U.S. Constitution, which outlined the rights and privileges of the citizens of this country, but over the last 228 years those rights have been watered down by court rulings and new laws that are so broad that while the laws are constitutional, the way the laws are applied is not.

Many of these laws and court opinions that have diluted our rights have been sold as being tough on crime or as a means of combating terrorism, others have been billed as being in the best interest of the public’s safety or as a means to regulate morality, and while the reasons may or may not be important they do not justify the violation of ­­the constitution and the rights of the citizens in this country.

The fourth amendment was designed to protect citizens in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, and provides that no warrants be issued without probable cause. It does not permit searches based on probable cause alone, but it happens every day, and because of exceptions to the exclusionary rule, evidence that is illegally obtained is often used against a defendant in court.

Among other things, the 14th Amendment guarantees the equal protection of the law, but it is constantly violated in matters of education, employment and marriage just to name a few.

It is time that we as Americans restore our constitution to what it was intended to be instead of the empty shell that it is quickly becoming.

In my 12-part series on my 11-point plan for social justice, we will discuss how the erosion of the constitution affects the lives of us all by exploring the following issues:

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Posted by Ron Crumpton for U.S. Senate on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

.Many people would say that criminals belong in jail, or that this should be illegal or that should be illegal because of morality or religion, whether it violates the constitution or not.

This is so dangerous to our society because until we realize that denying rights to others, only goes to place limits on our own rights, we are never going to realize that it may be the government that limits our rights unfairly, but it is our own actions that give them the power to do so.


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