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    5 Dinge die man als YouTuber falsch machen kann

    YouTube has reached such popularity that videos continue to be some of the most consumed content on the internet. Whether it is to watch the trailer of an upcoming movie or to watch funny videos that can brighten up your day or to get the most reliable reviews before splurging on a gadget there are many ways in which you can YouTube. So if you are a YouTuber, remember that now is a golden period to get famous and make money through this video sharing platform. Here are some mistakes you should avoid as a YouTuber-

    1. Not investing in a good quality camera

    If you think you can manage simply with your smartphone camera, think again. If your smartphone camera can record impressive HD videos then it should be good, to begin with. But a good quality camcorder or even an action camera would be the best option for high-quality videos.

    1. Not investing in a tripod

    You definitely need a tripod to avoid the annoying shakes in a video. Get the suitable mount based on the camera you use.

    1. Skipping rehearsals

    Bloopers are funny to add post the credits but your video should not be full of them. So take your rehearsals seriously.

    1. Insufficient integration with other social media channels

    Make sure that you focus on your other social media channels and this can help improve the reach.

    1. Ignoring the comments you get for your videos

    You might receive positive as well as negative reviews and comments on your videos. Diplomatically respond to them all to increase the chances of increasing the number of comments and views.

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