Agriculture is Alabama’s leading industry and with more than 9 million acres of farmland, and nearly 50,000 Alabama farms, the regulations that farmers face play a significant effect on Alabama’s economy. Therefore, it is important that we provide Alabama farmers with the means to be successful, but with the push for renewable energies and green Read more about Agriculture[…]

Gun Rights

Many factors determine where you stand on an issue. My first question with any issue is what does the constitution have say. In the case of guns, the second amendment is clear, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I believe in the Second Amendment, but that does Read more about Gun Rights[…]


It is my personal belief that abortion is a practice that we should do our best to end in our society, but making the act of having an abortion a crime does not advance that goal, it puts the lives of women in jeopardy and violates the rights guaranteed to all Americans under the United Read more about Abortion[…]