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    12 Attributes of an Effective Defense Attorney

    Everyone knows the feeling of being arrested and being put behind bars:

    The worst kind of punishment is when the personal freedom of movement is snatched. For a moment, lets even for a moment think about a hypothetical question: do you think that every one of the people that are arrested by the police or by any other such authorities of the federal government are felons?

    The answer is most definitely not!

    Federal statistics prove that about forty three percent of the people arrested are only arrested based on a strong suspicion of them being involved in a crime. This makes it imperative that a defence attorney’s job is something that is much sought after.

    1.defense attorneys are irreplaceable: When I was considering practise before I took to the corporate side, I had feelers that people hate defense attorneys. That is because they have this presumption that Defense attorneys are lawyers who are defending criminals and thus the society can do without them. That is not really the case.

    2.Integrity:The Defense lawyer must be a man of his words. He must keep the client informed about the case details and the progress that they are making. He must be truthful at all times to his client and not mislead him to unnatural consequences.

    3.Possessing good researching skill: He must aid the client’s case by researching into the legal aids and finding out ways to help his client. He may also go through the prosecution case to find out if there is way that his client can be saved.

    4.Negotiation skills:Given the number of cases that the court hears every day, the Defense attorney may think of ways to take his client’s case to the judge for approval of anything that can help settle claim and help his client in securing a favourable judgement. He must in general do his best by not leaving any stone unturned.

    5.Good networking skills: a defense attorney must possess good networking skills to be able to procure all kinds of help for his client.

    6.He must be empathic: as an alleged criminal, it is obvious that his client will be stigmatized.by people but he must have an emphatic view about him and help him by counselling him.

    7.He must strive to save him: a Défense job is to save his client whatever his situation is.

    8.Mitigation of sentence: if the law convicts him then he must strive to lessen his sentence by proving the attendant situation so as to help the judge appreciate the facts of the case in newer light.

    1. 9. To give hope: defense attorney brings new hope to the convict. There is always a fifty-fifty chance of acquittal with a good defense

    For more on the attributes that a defence attorney must possess and to know more about them search the internet on how a criminal Defense lawyer can help you.