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    Toy Safety: What Does the Law Say in 2018?

    Toys are the only entertaining factor for all the children and that is the main reason why kids love toys. It is our responsibility to provide them the safe and reliable toys and also it should not do any harmful things to them. Because kids will not have the capacity to tell others what happened actually. So it is always better to avoid giving toys with magnets, batteries and much more. There are even laws written regarding the toy safety for the children. Let us have a look and learn what it is fully about.

    • Oregon’s toxic free toy act:

    A law in 2018 has stated that the toys manufactured by the company should info the Oregon health industry that those toys are made up of nontoxic substances and the chemicals present in the toys were removed. The toys will be out for sales only when it passes this toxic free act.

    • EU toy safety directive:

    The EU toy safety directive has started some facts about the toys that the toys made up with lead can be migrated with seven-fold and also the limit for the BPA and Phenyl toys is above 36 months old children because most of the kids will try to bite and swallow the small particles of the toys.

    Thus conclude that it is always better to follow the laws stated by the government regarding the toys safety. Because the children are too small and they will do when we warn them not to do. So, it is better to avoid giving them the toys like jewelry making sets, Christmas decorations set, etc., ┬ábecause these toys are really harmful to them. We should try to focus on the safety of the children while manufacturing toys. Swk is the website in which we can give complaints about the toy manufacturing company if they break the rules and make harmful toys.…