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    Toy Safety: What Does the Law Say in 2018?

    Toys are the only entertaining factor for all the children and that is the main reason why kids love toys. It is our responsibility to provide them the safe and reliable toys and also it should not do any harmful things to them. Because kids will not have the capacity to tell others what happened actually. So it is always better to avoid giving toys with magnets, batteries and much more. There are even laws written regarding the toy safety for the children. Let us have a look and learn what it is fully about.

    • Oregon’s toxic free toy act:

    A law in 2018 has stated that the toys manufactured by the company should info the Oregon health industry that those toys are made up of nontoxic substances and the chemicals present in the toys were removed. The toys will be out for sales only when it passes this toxic free act.

    • EU toy safety directive:

    The EU toy safety directive has started some facts about the toys that the toys made up with lead can be migrated with seven-fold and also the limit for the BPA and Phenyl toys is above 36 months old children because most of the kids will try to bite and swallow the small particles of the toys.

    Thus conclude that it is always better to follow the laws stated by the government regarding the toys safety. Because the children are too small and they will do when we warn them not to do. So, it is better to avoid giving them the toys like jewelry making sets, Christmas decorations set, etc.,  because these toys are really harmful to them. We should try to focus on the safety of the children while manufacturing toys. Swk is the website in which we can give complaints about the toy manufacturing company if they break the rules and make harmful toys.…

  • Social Media Marketing

    5 Dinge die man als YouTuber falsch machen kann

    YouTube has reached such popularity that videos continue to be some of the most consumed content on the internet. Whether it is to watch the trailer of an upcoming movie or to watch funny videos that can brighten up your day or to get the most reliable reviews before splurging on a gadget there are many ways in which you can YouTube. So if you are a YouTuber, remember that now is a golden period to get famous and make money through this video sharing platform. Here are some mistakes you should avoid as a YouTuber-

    1. Not investing in a good quality camera

    If you think you can manage simply with your smartphone camera, think again. If your smartphone camera can record impressive HD videos then it should be good, to begin with. But a good quality camcorder or even an action camera would be the best option for high-quality videos.

    1. Not investing in a tripod

    You definitely need a tripod to avoid the annoying shakes in a video. Get the suitable mount based on the camera you use.

    1. Skipping rehearsals

    Bloopers are funny to add post the credits but your video should not be full of them. So take your rehearsals seriously.

    1. Insufficient integration with other social media channels

    Make sure that you focus on your other social media channels and this can help improve the reach.

    1. Ignoring the comments you get for your videos

    You might receive positive as well as negative reviews and comments on your videos. Diplomatically respond to them all to increase the chances of increasing the number of comments and views.

    There are social media marketing companies like the website here https://www.galaxymarketing.global/de known to help beginners with making the best use of YouTube and other social media platforms for their business marketing.…

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    What to Do When Your Online Orders Fail to Deliver

    Who doesn’t love online shopping? There is hardly anyone who would fit in this category. This entire concept of selling and buying products and services online has actually brought a great splash in the consumer industry. We no longer need to make an effort to dress up, pull out and car hit a mall and buy the necessary products. Today, all we need to do is have a computer and the basic knowledge on how to use the Internet.

    Whatever we want to buy is just a few clicks away from us. Even if we want to order something overseas, it is very much possible today with abroad deliveries becoming so easy and quick. However, at times we do happen to face disappointing experiences when it comes to timely or even no deliveries happening for the ordered products. If the payment is due, then you still might have some patience. But in case you have already made the payment and you have not received the product for a really long time, then it is very likely for you to lose it and approach the team to find out the reasons for the delay.

    Tips to deal with delays in delivery

    So, if you too happen to face these delays in online deliveries, here are some useful tips for you that will help you manage the situation like a pro.

    • The first thing to do is reach out to the customer service representatives with this concern and share your order details with them. Ask them to track your order and let you know the reason for this unexpected delay.

    • You should know your rights in such situations. If the product reaches too late and you no longer have the need of it, you can always return it without making any payments or generating a request for a refund.

    • ‘If the service was poor, feel free to share negative feedbacks about the company on different forums, including their social media official website. This will build pressure on them and will also let other buyers learn about their poor services.

    No matter what kind of products you are ordering- be it groceries from online grocery stores or adult toys from LovePlugs– you have all the rights to raise your voice if the services were not satisfactory.…