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    Is Kratom Powder Legal in My State? How to Find Out

    The actual legal status of Kratom powder is a very touchy subject for a decent amount of people, while for the most part, kratom powder is legal and has been legal in the US for some time, there are some things you should be aware of when it comes to Kratom, the single most important thing to be aware of is that although Kratom powder is technically not banned by federal law, there are many state laws that punish Kratom usage and its usage by people.

    These are the states that Kratom powder has been banned.

    • Alabama: On May 10th, 2016, Kratom has been known as a Schedule 1 controlled substance in Alabama
    • Arkansas: Kratom was made illegal and added to the controlled substance list in Arkansas in February 2016.
    • California: Kratom has been banned in California, except for the areas that are under the jurisdiction of San Diego because of local ordinance controls.
    • Florida: Kratom is legal in Florida except for areas under the Jurisdiction of Sarasota Country.
    • Illionois: Kratom has been legal in Illinois, the exception being Jerseyville and surrounding areas and Kratom usage by minors under age 18 is forbidden
    • Indiana: Indiana has banned Kratom and it is considered a drug.
    • New Hampshire: Kratom is legal and used widely in New Hampshire for people who are adults.
    • Wisconsin: Kratom Powder is defined as a Schedule 1 drug and is banned in Wisconsin
    • Tennessee: Tennessee has banned Kratom and has defined it as a controlled substance.

    The DEA has had a lot of debate of Kratom should be made legal or should stay illegal, learn about kratom here. Kratom is a key drug in fighting opiod usage in the US so therefore many say it should stay legal.